Maccabitech – the research and innovation wing of Maccabi Health Services – has developed international renown as one of the world’s finest medical research institutes. The institute’s team of senior scientists, availing themselves of Maccabi’s extensive pool of high quality data, work round the clock to offer knowledge-based solutions for caregivers, physicians, insurers, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and health organizations worldwide. Their insights and revelations enable many of the dramatic leaps and bounds seen in today’s real-world medicine and patient care.

One-stop-shop for researchers

Established in 1999 by Prof. Varda Shalev, Maccabitech has become an outstanding one-stop-shop research facility answering client needs in myriad areas, through advances in epidemiological research, clinical trials, and medical technology innovation.
As a leader in Big Data analytics, the Institute’s goal is to accelerate precision medicine and increase the volume and quality of medical research being performed at any given moment, anywhere in the world.
In addition to being gifted with some of the world’s best and most knowledgeable researchers, Maccabitech has yet another  astounding asset that places the institute in a class by itself.

 The unique Maccabi database is an absolutely priceless tool that has enabled hundreds of epidemiological and clinical studies to be conducted at the Institute in the nearly two decades since its inception. Going forward, this database is the very heart of the Institute’s ambitious goals and future initiatives.

Outstanding Digital Library

Maccabi, one of the world’s largest healthcare providers, has 2.5 million patients, representing 25% of the Israeli market with a nationwide representative distribution. Maccabi has long been recognized, both in Israel and abroad, as a unique and innovative healthcare system. It is a leader in cutting-edge medical technology, with comprehensive and integrated computerized information systems, cost-effective management, and sophisticated monitoring and evaluation tools.

Since 1993, Maccabi has implemented electronic medical records (EMRs), documenting complete data on each patient in a central database. This comprehensive, systematic, high-quality database of a stable population of patients across their lifetime (less than 1% rate of attrition), is the Maccabitech research team’s key asset.

Constantly updating data on chronic disease

Maccabi also maintains its chronic disease registries, which are updated automatically in real time and made available through the database. These registries include diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infertility, hypertension, cancer and more. The data includes demographic information, co-morbidities, lab results, medications, treatments, imaging, and medical encounters (physicians, paramedical and hospitalizations). As all patients have a single national identity number, this enables access to information from other national databases – yet patient confidentiality and anonymity are highly guarded.

Together For Innovation

The Mk&M Big Data Science Institute, established in 2016, focuses on increasing the volume and quality of medical data available for research. It harnesses Maccabi’s medical expertise, staff know-how and innovative spirit, combines it with advanced technology provided by medical startups, and uses it to enhance data mining and advance precision medicine.

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The clinical trials department, established in 1999, offers researchers the full spectrum of clinical trials (Phases II – IV) and database research services. The experienced research team excels at Pharmacoepidemiology trials, medical device trials, and medical procedure trials – all of which are enhanced by synergetic work with Maccabitech’s other modules. 

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This department uses the Maccabi database to derive an enhanced understanding of the causes, incidence, and frequency of diseases emerging within the population. Established in 2010, by Profs. Varda Shalev and Gabriel Chodick, the module’s expert faculty, fast-paced research, and groundbreaking medical accomplishments have earned it a reputation for excellence.

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Tipa Biobank was established to support Maccabitech’s aim towards better personalized medicine. The biobank contains biological samples contributed by volunteer donors from among Maccabi’s 2.5 million members, and its continuously growing contents will enable the execution of a wide range of studies on a vast number of medical conditions.

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