MK&M Big Data Science Institute

The last decade has seen a breathtaking evolution in the field of medical research. More and more, researchers are employing Big Data analytics to create the next innovations that improve healthcare practices and procedures. Mr. Morris Kahn, the known philanthropist and head of the Morris Kahn Foundation, has made it his mission to take medical research to the next level, using technological innovation to extend our access to crucial medical information. At the heart of their quest is Maccabi’s unique database of longitudinal medical data – gathered over the past 25 years from its 2.5 million patients. Using this data, the Institute is focusing on two main strategies towards the advancement of Big Data medical research:

•  Creation of its user-friendly platform that provides easy access to diverse medical data
• Translation of unconstructed data (free text, images, voice records, etc.) into workable constructed metrics

Researchers at the MK&M Big Data Science Institute enjoy unparalleled access to the various departments at the Maccabitech Institute, a holistic and synergetic process that enables the most optimal outcome. The institute also collaborates with technological partners on the leading edge of medical innovation. To date, the Institute has participated in the development of over 20 new products and researches, advancing the realms of Big Data medical research and contributing to a better and much healthier future.

A platform the world can use

As more of the medical research incorporates Big Data as one of its foundations, it became clear that there is a need for a better way for researchers all over the world to have an easy access to well analyzed medical data.

The Big Data Science Institute provides user-friendly web-based platform which enables researchers from around the world an easy access to Maccabi’s comprehensive medical databank, along with specifically developed tools that offer them the option to choose, gather and analyze the data required for their specific research


Enhancing big data by advancing
unstructured data deciphering

One of the biggest challenges in Big Data research today is analyzing and utilizing the information held in countless pathology scans, images and free text items. In order to access the wealth and depth of medical data hidden in these items, the MK&M Big Data Science Institute continuously teams up with highly advanced technological partners, exploring new ways to decipher, analyze and use these pieces of information. These new advancements allow us to enrich the medical database and open new research venues to fields that until now have been difficult to study, thus enabling the achievement of new medical breakthroughs.

Read more about some of our collaborations:

Identifying potential risk of colon cancer, with Medtronic

A mobile app providing personalized health information and recommendations, with Kang health.

Automatically identifying breast cancer using mammography images, with IBM Israeli research center.

Automatic computerized processing and reading of pathology slides, with IBEX

Drug repurposing for hypertension treatment with Kira Radinsky, Technion.

Identifying cardiovascular conditions by analyzing patients’ voices, with Beyond Verbal.

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