Beyond Verbal: Vocal BioMarkers

A new collaborative effort between MK&M Big Data Science Institute and Beyond Verbal, an Israeli-based company, seeks to identify vocal bio markers in recordings from Maccabi’s chronic patients, to identify cardiovascular conditions.

Beyond has completed more than 20 years of research and been granted 8 patents in the field of emotion recognition based on vocal intonations. They have developed a technology that extracts various acoustic features from a speaker’s voice in real time, giving insights on personal health condition, wellbeing and emotional understanding.

The company’s ability to extract vocal biomarkers in a nonintrusive, continuous and passive manner has the potential to revolutionize conventional patient care. Beyond Verbal’s AI technology is poised to improve traditional and remote healthcare services and create a novel, patient-centric approach. This paradigm shift will be achieved by gathering an additional layer of personal data which can support the tailoring of healthcare services to individual needs – a challenge that all healthcare providers are facing today.