The K App by MK&M

Meet K – the game-changing new application that replaces health search engines.

K is the latest innovation by the MK&M Big Data Science Institute. Cutting through a massive amount of data, collected during hundreds of millions of doctor visits over the last 25 years, it offers users a personalized and highly reliable reading of what their symptoms might be saying.

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As anyone who has searched the net trying to self-diagnose a cough, rash or headache can attest, seeking medical information on the Internet is like sticking one’s hand into a hornet’s nest. Firstly, is the information likely to be reliable? And even if it is, is it relevant for you? Despite the answers being a likely ‘no’ and ‘no,’ the searcher will often as not develop severe anxiety about their condition – especially as most symptoms, however benign, can easily be connected in some way to a life-threatening condition.

The K application was developed by the Morris Kahn Foundation, in collaboration with the MK&M Big Data Science Institute , headed by Prof. Varda Shalev. It is simple and intuitive, employing a smart, user-friendly procedure to narrow down what a person’s symptoms might mean. The user simply answers a series of simple and clear questions, and the app measures the answers against similar cases collected during general practitioner visits and saved anonymously in its database. Of course, while the reliability of the results is extremely high, the app does not presume to act as a substitute for professional medical advice.

The application is based on a sophisticated algorithm developed by a wide team of mathematicians and physicians. The algorithm has been fed information from millions upon millions of doctors visits, and as a smart system, it is learning and improving itself all the time. With each additional use, it perfects its knowledge and further refines the questions to be presented to the next user.

Thanks to K, symptom sufferers will now be able to receive medical information with an unprecedented degree of reliability, a crucial step in a day and age in which patients want to know more about their conditions. While many health organizations are fighting against the phenomenon of searching for information on the Internet, their attitude goes against basic human behavior and patient rights. Maccabi’s solution is focused on answering the need in the most appropriate and responsible way possible.

The application is intended for adults and does not require registration or personal information, although users are asked to provide the system with age and gender. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

For anyone 18-85, K can show you how people like you dealt with symptoms and primary care conditions like:

Cold & Flu Shingles
Back pain Eye infections
Headaches Carpal Tunnel
Abdominal pain Sinusitis
Chest pain Depression
Fatigue Plantar Fasciitis
STDs Appendicitis
Bladder infections Strep Throat
Heartburn Hemorrhoids
Arthritis Ulcers
Diabetes Anemia
Fibromyalgia Hypothyroidism

So simple to use…


Tell the app what is your age, gender and what hurts or bothers you.



The app will ask you a few questions to better understand the symptoms you are experiencing.



Then it will compare millions of cases similar to yours diagnosed by Maccabi doctors and other professionals.

Ta Da!

Finally, you will get a summary of the various diagnoses and how they were treated. Of course everything is completely anonymous.