Clinical Trials

Over the last 50 years clinical trials have led to many breakthroughs in disease prevention and treatment, and have provided invaluable information on the safety and benefits of existing procedures.

Often based on the findings of epidemiological observational research, clinical trials test medications, techniques and treatment procedures on humans, in order to verify their safety and efficacy, making sure that their benefit exceeds the risk of the side effects.

The Clinical Trials unit was established by Maccabi in 1999 in order to advance medical research, explore new treatments and offer better health care options to patients.

One of the strengths of the clinical trials department is the fact that it is a part of Maccabi’s Healthcare Service, an organization based on 5,000 physicians, supplying health care services to 2.5 million members. This position allows us to gain several advantages in the field of clinical research:

  • Efficient assembly of data by Maccabi’s computerized systems.
  • Maccabi’s databank allows us to identify and recruit specifically relevant patients for each study quickly and accurately based on required criteria.
  • We have access to the medical data of people who participated in clinical trials, for years after the research ended. This allows us to follow up of the long term effects of the treatment.
  • Our direct access to patients via their personal physicians enhances our ability to recruit patients for research and follow up of the results.

What Is It That We Do?

We offer researchers the full spectrum of clinical trials (Phases II – IV) and database research services. That means that we plan, submit research requests to the IRB committee, execute, monitor and analyze the results.

Our comprehensive clinical research services are complemented by our clinical database research, analytic services and our integrative connection to the institute’s other departments allow us to expand our studies range and methods.

Medical Devices Clinical Trials

As new medical devices enter the healthcare system, clinical device trials take a bigger part in the research world, testing and demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the devices.

Medical Procedures Clinical Trials

Our extensive longitudinal database and the professional research team expertise allow us to offer a broad spectrum of services and knowhow including: market dynamics, compliance and adherence, regulation aspects, new indications, product safety and outcomes.

Pharmacoepidemiology Clinical Trials

We excel in accelerating pharmaceutical product development by bridging the gap between pharmacology and epidemiology. Being a one stop shop, we conduct feasible studies, recruit and perform the clinical trials – all under one roof. The integrative data of  Maccabi Healthcare Services which consists of prescribes medications and purchased medications, enables better clinical trials management.

Our team members experience includes all aspects of pharmacoepidemiological trials, including:

  • Treatment patterns and drug utilization
  • Vaccine uptake and coverage rates
  • Medication adherence and persistence
  • Treatment effectiveness and outcomes research
  • Identification of heterogeneity in treatment effects
  • Pharmacoeconomics; costs and consequences of drug therapy

Our Team