The Online Database Platform by MK&M

MK&M Big Data Science Institute web platform enables researchers from all over the world to easily access Maccabi’s Big Data for their own profiling purposes.

The online database provides far more than simple access to raw data – for one thing, the department unique specialized tools allow researchers to easily locate the specific data they need – on their own, without any need for data mining specialists. The platform also enables predictive analysis research using advanced machine algorithms.

Privacy is of utmost importance to MK&M Big Data Science Institute – every step of the way, in all that is done within the institute. To safeguard Maccabi patients’ privacy, the data available on the platform is synthesized and anonymous. In addition, an ethics approval process (IRB) ensures that only ethical and meaningful studies are approved and conducted; and that only data relevant and necessary to the specific research will be shared.

Ensuring a better and healthier world

Technology can make every person’s life better – and what better reason could there be for using it? This module’s platform was established to allow numerous new researches, all constructed on one of the finest and broadest medical databases in the world, and all of which have the potential to improve the health and lives of people throughout the world.

A platform the world can use

As more and more medical research incorporates Big Data as one of its foundations, it is clear that researchers throughout the world need better access to well-analyzed medical data.

The Research and Innovation Institute provides just that, with its user-friendly, web-based platform. It enables researchers to avail themselves of Maccabi’s comprehensive medical databank, along with specifically developed tools that offer them the option to choose, gather and analyze the data required for their specific research.

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The broadest medical database available

The platform contains access to the medical data of 2.5 million patients, gathered over 25 years, with hundreds of detailed data fields in the following areas:

•    Demographics
•    Disease diagnoses (including dates, ages, etc.)
•    High quality and well verified disease registries (for medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer)
•    Measurements for blood pressure, BMI, heart, pulse, smoking, weight
•    Medications prescribed
•    Medications dispensed
•    Medical procedures
•    Visits to medical providers (physicians, nurses, physical therapists, etc.)
•    Lab results

So simple to use…


Define the reference event to set the index date for each patient. You can add additional inclusion criteria based on demogrephics.


define events and add data in relation to the reference event you chose before.

Ta Da!

The results of your query will be shown to you in a detailed and organized Excel file, which you can analyze and process to draw conclusions for your research.