Dr. Daniel Deutcher, PhD

Physiotherapist, researcher

Daniel Deutscher is the National Director of R&D, Physical Therapy Service at Maccabi Health Services.

He also works with the Maccabi Institute of Research and Innovation as the director of the Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) project.

His main research interests are the foundation of clinical databases to promote Practice-Based Evidence (PBE) studies, identifying associations between patient characteristics, treatment procedures, costs and outcomes, in rehabilitation.

Daniel serves as the vice-chair of the International MDT Research Foundation, and on the Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) Research Advisory Board.

He received the first Maccabi Healthcare Services General Manager award for research in 2002, the Maccabi Healthcare Services General Manager award for research for the Physical Therapy sector in 2005, and the first D.L. Hart International Research Award in 2014.

He completed his post-doctorate at the Institute for Clinical Outcomes Research, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, after receiving his PhD from the University of Haifa. He earned his MSc and BSc in Physical Therapy from Tel Aviv University.