Morris Kahn

Founder of Amdocs , Aurum MKI- Businessman and philanthropist

Morris Kahn (born March 1930) is a South African-born Israeli billionaire entrepreneur. He is the founder of Golden Pages Israel, Amdocs, the Aurec Group, Coral World and other companies. Through Coral World he founded several marine parks around the world, including the underwater observatory in Eilat, Israel. He is active in philanthropy and venture philanthropy.

Kahn’s business career in Israel began with a few business ventures, including a bicycle factory in Beit Shemesh in partnership with Kibbutz Tzora; and a cattle company in the Northern Galilee.
In 1978 Kahn and Shmuel Meitar founded the Aurec Group,an Israeli-based private equity firm which started with investments in the cable and telecom sectors.[10] This led to the installation of a fiber optic cable from Israel to Italy, which connected Israel to the rest of the world.

His first major success began with the establishment of the Golden Pages in Israel in 1968, which led to the co-founding of Amdocs in 1982, together with Shmuel and Tzvi Meitar. Amdocs provides customer relationship management and billing software for big telecommunications firms.  The company, which is traded on NASDAQ (revenue in fiscal 2015: $3.6 billion) currently serves more than 300 clients in more than 90 countries, and has about 26,000 employees.
Aurec also owns Golden Channels, Israel’s first cable company, founded in 1989 and Golden Lines, Israel’s first international communications company, founded in 1996.
In 1997 the Aurec Group acquired 50% of Netcom, the launch of AIG Golden Insurance and Alpha Visa-Card.

He is a principal investor in Aurum Ventures and the clean tech water company Atlantium, that uses UV rays to disinfect water,  and N-Trig, a manufacturer of multi-touch screens for computers. In 2016 Aurum Ventures invested $3 million in a new method of diagnosing cancer developed by Noklaiks (Nucleix) Israel.
Time to Know is a digital education platform which Kahn first launched as a nonprofit organization focused on improving grade school education, but has since developed into a for-profit business which is being tested in schools in New York City and in Israel